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Topo Maps - Best - Worst?

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I'd be very happy with 24k state maps - that we could purchase one by one as needed. Does Garmin use a proprietary map format for the maps that are loaded in their GPSR's? I'm surprised they haven't licensed it to someone who can offer maps with better resolution than the 100k maps they're currently offering - the newer GPSR's that are coming out appear to have the memory to deal with higher resolution maps.


Are you in Idaho? I'm up in Sandpoint.

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I started scanning a bunch of aeronautical charts,

No need to do that. The FAA has already done it for you. Don't want to pay for their CDs? Try downloading the charts from here. Every sectional is there at 200 dpi in huge tiff files. One side of a sectional is about 45MB. The entire US takes up about 3GB. You can convert them to jpgs to make them much smaller.

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