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Autorouting On 60c With Metroguide V5?

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I'm sure this has come up before, but I just wanted to clarify. If I want to do proper autorouting (with sidestreets) using Metroguide v5, I HAVE to calculate the route on the PC and then upload it. Even if there are Metroguide v5 maps uploaded to my 60c, I won't be able to calculate a proper autoroute on the GPS unit. Correct?


But v4 WOULD let me calculate an accurate autoroute on the GPS unit?

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The first paragraph is correct.


The second one is disputable. While version 4 will autoroute, I contend that it does not do so accurately. I had version 4 when I got my 60C, and I tried a few routes on it. Every known route that I tried had errors in the turn-by-turn instructions (such as turning onto one street from a parallel street - evidently missing an instruction to turn onto a cross street first).


Some people are happy with how version 4 works. So, if you have it already, give it a shot and see how it works. Me... I spent the extra dough to get City Select and I'm a happier man for doing so!


...Just my 2¢

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I had metroguide 4 installed in the 60cs when it first came. It constantly had me going the wrong way on One Way Streets, plus the maps are several years out of date for my area. I just got CitySelect V5, and I'm much happier with the way things work, other then having to shell out another $110. They should have some sort of upgrade pricing for people with older versions.

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