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Showing Caches On Mapopolis?


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I'm trying to work out how to get caches to appear on my Mapopolis/Palm. So far, I'm using the demo versions of the maps to figure it out before I buy. I've exported my Cachemate database (which covers an area larger than the county map I've got) to my address book.


Problem is, I can't seem to get any caches from the address book to show on the one map I've got. After creating the maplet and "finding" the caches in the addressbook, I can't figure out how to add them (preferably in bulk) to the maplet. In the maplet window, I don't have any locations as options.


The end goal is to see the caches that are in the database which coorespond to that area all on the map. Anyone done this or am I asking too much? This is part of a larger wish to have a route-based PQ, but I'm not holding my breath for that...

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just to let you know, i THINK this feature only works with navigator maps which requires the application that runs on palm os 5.1 or higher. if you go to the cachemate thread, you might be able to find the answer for sure. just to let you know, i use that setup and it works very well. i recommend cachemate/mapopolis system.

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just to let you know, i THINK this feature only works with navigator maps which requires the application that runs on palm os 5.1 or higher

That's correct. There would be support for older Mapopolis versions, but Mapopolis wasn't very forthcoming about how to do it. They only told me how to do GeoMarks, which is only supported on the OS 5+ version of the software. If you have an earlier version, you'll need to use GPXtoMaplet.

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gpx to maplet only works for pocket pc i thought... you need a program called mapconvert... email me privately when you can and i will get it to you. you will first need to convert the gpx file to a file amenable to mapconvert so you will need gpsbabel as well. also, if you want to come into clayjars chat room at some point, i am often there i can walk you through it. also one final thought, i also think this only works with mapopolis enhanced maps. if someone knows for sure, please let us know.


ps yes, you are running palm os 3 or 4 something so you need mapopolis 5.19 i think it is.

mapopolis navigator 1.22 is for palm os 5.x or more.

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Just figured out that GPStoMaplet isn't going to work -- I'm a Mac-cacher and still cringe when I see *.exe (mostly from problems in my former life of Win98SE management). Current setup is to get PQs in GPX, use MacSimpleGPS to send them to the Garmin, use MacCMConvert to get them ready for Cachemate on the Palm.


Now I just need something to get them ready for Mapopolis -- no preference for doing it on the computer or the PDA. Obviously I'm not going to be able to go from Cachemate to Mapopolis on the Palm in the *normal* way...


I've got the build of GPSBabel for OSX downloaded, though, if MapConvert is either Palm or OSX compatible, I would be willing to switch from MacSimpleGPS to GPSBabel to do job #1 and job #3.

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