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I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. When using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the map - it doesn't show up at every other zoom. I have contacted Dan about this and have recent versions. I just downloaded the beta and I still get the same error! :)



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Do you have "enable internet map retrieval" checked in the "map" menu? Do you get the yellow down arrows on the non-map pages?


I figured out in a random manner that maps can be stored locally, if "retrieval" is not selected, but they take longer. And yellow arrows means they're downloading...


I imagine Dan may have pointed this out too, but thought I'd add my experience.


Do you lose maps at scale of 200' and less (more?)? That frustrates me; otherwise I love the software.


I'm using a geateway (logitech) mouse with center wheel.


Good luck

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