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New Ique User, Questions

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I just received a Garmin iQue today and finally figured out how to load the maps on it after a couple installation problems (helps to not accidentally skip a step).


Anyway... I have a couple of questions for iQue users. My prior GPS is a Magellan Sportrak Map. I use the maps to get me to the general area (if I don't already know it) and then I use the compass, almost exclusively, to find the cache. Is there a compass hidden somewhere on the iQue?? If not, can I get some software to provide one? Without the compass I'm inclined to return the thing to the store.


Also... the last palm device I owned was one of the original palm pilots (I think they were still the only game in town back then). Since this was a gift, I didn't do any research on this product and have no idea what I can and can't do with it. I've done a little searching on this website and have found some information on downloading coordinates, which I intend to try soon (probably once I finish this note), but what about loading the cache pages? Anything else I should know??


I know this covers alot, but hopefully there will be a couple of short responses.



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Welcome to iQue. I have had my iQue since Aug'03 though I am fairly new to geocaching. I love this swiss army knife gadget which I use it as in-car navigation system, geocaching GPS, Palm pilot (address book, appointments), Yellow pages (thanks to excellent Garming database).


You are right. This doesn't have a compass. So, unless you are moving, it cannot show direction. I use a nice free utility called Cetus GPS for bearing while moving though it is not a compass. I use Cachemate (very cheap s/w) that allows me to take the .loc files to iQue and then onto CetusGPS or as Waypoints in the addressbook of iQue.


This is my first Palm device as well. But, I am told that this device allows ALL Palm features. I suggest you go to the iQue's best forum to:


PDAStreet forum for iQue-3600


Good Luck. B)

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Your iQue runs Palm software 5, it can do pretty much everything. I frequently watch movies, listen to MP3s etc. I was going to encode the Matrix Revolutions coming out this Tues to my iQue and watch it this week at work B) .


EasyMPS will change loc files to mps. It's a free program. With MobiPocket you can have hundreds of pages of cache information at your fingertips. Basically you can have the cache page on Geocaching.com on your Palm.


With SplashPhoto, its a great photo album to carry with you. You can set a slide show up with music in the background. For ex. you can have your wedding pictures slideshow while playing your wedding song etc. Good for showing pictures to friends and family.


Role playing games are great too, passes the time away during boring layovers on business trips.


A portable 4AA charger is a must for charging anytime anywhere.


VoicePromts are AWSOME. Use with the Vehicle kit and you won't even have to look at the screen, it'll tell you what to do.


No compass however. about 5 hour GPS runtime and patch antenna. 3 complaints I have about the iQue. Otherwise it's great.

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Don't bother with .loc files, they don't have all the information in them, as previous posters have said get cachemate, but download .gpx files, then you will have all the descriptions and hints for caches.


I have 1500 caches in my iQue, I use cachemate to organise them, I export them to the Que address book for voice guidance to the trailhead, or local proximity to the cache, then I export from cachemate to cetus for the compass pointer to guide me in (I find cetus more accurate than cachemates built in compass)


Log the find in cachemate, "Find nearest cache" and then off you go again.. :)


As long as you don't drop it or get it wet the Que is a great tracking tool.


You may want to visit this forum for up to date iQue news: PDA Street iQue section

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I'm really surprised that Garmin have not exploited the software market for the Ique 3600.

An Etrex or GPSMAP 60c emulator would be good. So would the games that feature on the 60.

I was hoping for lots of exciting new software updates. It seems that after ironing out the bugs, the R&D team have quickly moved on

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First, I want to thank everyone for their responses. It has helped, but honestly I'm terribly frustrated right now.


I've downloaded Cetus and Cachemate as well as Cachemate nav (and the Cetus export). I've loaded a cache into Cachemate (very cool!) and attempted to export it to Cetus. The iQue says it worked, but when I go over to Cetus it doesn't show any Distance indicating it knows I want it to go somewhere. Also... I don't have an option to export to the address book, just the memo pad. Is this an option you get when you purchase the Cachemate software?


I'm hesititant at this point to purchase anything since I'm not positive that I want to keep this new toy. My Magellan works much better for navigating and this was intended to replace it. If I'm going to carry a PDA and a GPS, I'll buy a cheaper PDA.


The voice prompts are pretty neat, but around here I don't need them. They'll be really handy as we travel, so that was a motivator in purchasing this to begin with (my husband bought it for me).


I'm an avid geocacher, so a decent GPS is a priority for me. Not sure where I'm going to go from here. Hopefully I'll be able to get this thing straightened out and will be really happy with it!


Thanks again!

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I've loaded a cache into Cachemate (very cool!) and attempted to export it to Cetus. The iQue says it worked, but when I go over to Cetus it doesn't show any Distance indicating it knows I want it to go somewhere. Also... I don't have an option to export to the address book, just the memo pad. Is this an option you get when you purchase the Cachemate software?

To address these two questions:


1. after you've exported to cetus go to the "page" menu in cetus and select "position" then go to the "list" menu and select "select database" the cache you exported from cachemate will be there with it's jolly long ID number.. hit "goto" and there's your pointer, to get the distance to cache "view" menu select "destination".


2. To export to the address book hit the "map" button at the bottom of the cache page.

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Again, the help has been wonderful! I have now figured out how to export to Cetus and actually use it. But, and maybe I'm a little dense here, but I can't seem to find a map button on the bottom of the cache page. I have Done, Nav (for the CacheNav software that I may or may not need) and Ex (that goes to Cetus).


Everything else seems to work, could I have the wrong version?

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:D Yoo Hoo! It works! Now I just need to take it out caching and see how it goes.


Thank you to everyone who helped on this one! I'm sure there is still heaps for me to learn, but I've certainly learned alot just getting through this exercise. I guess this is what happens to your technical skills when you don't use them for a few years!


Thanks again! I'm thrilled to be at a point where I can use this great little device!

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