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  1. I regularly use the geocaching app and I am a premium member. Lately I’ve had trouble posting photos for TB’s, via a note, using app. It just doesn’t show. Today I had visit logs not show up, I had to go to the website and edit my found log to have my TB‘s visit the cache. This has worked in the past. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and one log worked properly, but then it failed again. It’s very frustrating since the owners of the TB’s are engaged I want them to see the travels of their TB.
  2. Mine does it even when I'm 200-300 feet, I end up using the map if I have a lot of options.
  3. I'm accustomed to using a compass to find caches, but recently my compass has started pointing in the opposite direction of the cache. I can watch the distance count down, but the pointer is unreliable. Mostly it points opposite of where the cache is, but sometimes it fluctuates. Anybody else have this problem and figure out how to fix it? I'm leaning toward believing it's the iPhone 7's fault, but I'm hoping someone else has figured out a fix. I have iOS 10.3.2.
  4. I have very few TB's left traveling, but these 3 are going strong: Dasher The Dolphin 20999.6mi Firenze Flipper 26221.7mi Lifes A Beach 28650.8mi My personal TB has traveled 63322 miles! Just wish they all could last this long.
  5. I'm sure this has been said before, but I think some people are good cache finders and some are good hiders.... I'm better at finding, I have NO imagination at hiding them. Most of my cache hides are pretty lame, I admit it, but I feel obligated to contibute something to the game. How many caches are put out there for the purpose of contributing to the cause? I realize most of the "lame" caches are put out by people that want to provide more caches in the area vs more intersting/challenging caches in the area. But... I also think that some people who feel an obligation to place a cache because they have found so many end up placing "lame" caches. I know, becaue I have done that.......
  6. One of the coolest caches I've ever done was in New Orleans and called View Carre' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...40-a9adb6a50ba8. You had to go into a building and ask about the cache. I don't want to give too much away, but you can look at the link and figure it out. Overall, it was great because of the View Carre'. I think what would make this interesting is would be to take you to someplace you couldn't (or wouldn't) otherwise go that has some sort of "reward" at the end. That reward could be the awsome view or something else. Just make the end result unique. Otherwise, it'll be like a lamp post find, pretty cool the first time but pretty dull after the 20th...
  7. Micros always seem to cause an uproar. I have found some that I thought were interesting and challenging. The one that I hiked a mile to, in a area where snakes and alligators could possibly be found, only to find a 35mm film container stuffed in a palm tree really disappointed me. It was a great place for a full size cache and they ruined it by putting a micro in an area where it could be anywhere. Is that a challenge??? I guess in some sense it is, but it's not a challenge to your brain it's a challenge to your patience and you desire to preserve nature while looking for a needle in a haystack (which is exactly what it was). Those kind of micros I don't like. I'm also not partial to ones that are in the middle of public view and the challenge is to "not get seen" while finding or replacing them. In larger cities that are tourist destinations (ie. New Orleans) where you couldn't hide a full size cache and car rental by tourists is rare, I appreciate them. To put a ton of micros, each about .1 mile away from each other just so that people "can find caches" I think is lame. But... as someone on this thread will inevitably tell me, this is a game and to each his own. I guess some people just like the numbers and other actually like the hunt. Me I like the hunt and finding new and interesting areas. I rarely hunt near home anymore, just when traveling, because so many caches were quick finds or contained junk when I found them. It just became disappointing. On the issue of will GC stop publishing them... I hope not. Unfortunately, IMHO, the people that place lame caches (micro or other) usually don't participate in these forums (at least not in our area). So... whatever we may think they will never know! But there are good micros and I'm all for them!
  8. Uno Mas

    Confused Tb

    My TB, Dasher the Dolphin (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=57254) seems a little confused. He was left in a cache, Aqua Marina, and has appeared to be lost. Just today I received an e-mail update that JJLN had grabbed him. My problem... when I look at my TB I see the log of JJLN grabbing him but I still see him list in the Aqua Marina cache and the page showing all of my TB's still shows him in the cache. I guess the big question is, when he gets placed in the next cache will he move? I thought when a TB was grabbed it would show up on posession of the cacher. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks!
  9. Paid user of geocaching. I started paying over a year ago because I wanted to support the website. Since then I have acquired a new GPS, Garmin iQue, and am very glad to have the GPX download capability (I think that's a permium feature, it's been a while) and I love pocket queries. I have downloaded GSAK and actually did something productive with it for the first time today. It doesn't "talk" directly to my iQue, I still have to use CMConvert, but it did save me having a bunck of duplicate caches that CMConvert was going to load. If I find more reason to use it I will definately pay for it. I like having the option of "trying before buying," it's a great way to decide just how useful a product is.
  10. I've noticed this has come up a couple of times and I haven't seen a response yet. Is this how it is supposed to work? I would think I would want bookmarked caches on my "filtered" list, assuming I haven't found them or own them (or ignored them). Is it a bug or feature? I fixed this. I was filtering on all your bookmarks before. Sorry about that. Also I reset Pocket Queries. It was not aware of the new search option. Works for me! Thanks, so far I love the new look and the new options!
  11. I've noticed this has come up a couple of times and I haven't seen a response yet. Is this how it is supposed to work? I would think I would want bookmarked caches on my "filtered" list, assuming I haven't found them or own them (or ignored them). Is it a bug or feature?
  12. Ditto! I'm actually away from home right now and my IQue is loaded and ready to go for each of our stops along the way. Even made a point to bring the laptop in case we have an unscheduled stop and time is available. I don't have to worry about whether I have the cache sheet printed, the information is right there on my PDA. I also like the extra features on the maps. I zoomed out and followed I-95 North to pick up rest stop caches from Florida to Connecticut. Tedius, but it worked, found 6 caches the first day heading North (it also helps to have a patient husband!).
  13. I think this is pretty darn good advice! I will add though, have you tried emailing the owner and explaining? I would hope that a reasonable person would look at it and allow the find if it is likely that the duplicate was backdated. Of course they might not be reasonable, at which point you can do one of two things: (1) log your find on one of your archived caches (or a friend's archived cache with permission if you don't have any, I didn't look to see there) to keep your stats striaght. Just explain it in the log. (2) take Fly's advice and just let it slide. Sometimes things happen. Personally I would write the owner and then just let it go if they said no. But the other option has been done before. It is good advice. I considered contacting the owner but was concerned I come across as whiny. I decided it wasn't worth the effort. I'm not so concerned about numbers to log an archived cache, so I'll just let it rest but appreciate the advice. I just needed to get this off my chest and am glad to have the venue to do it! Ironically, someone in my area had his log deleted at the same time on the same cache. Guess he was just doing some house cleaning. I'm going to check out the analyzer, a little help never hurts! Thanks for the input!
  14. OK, this is probably not your normal locationless rant, but I just have to say it. I "found" a locationless cache, sometime around March of 2004. Sometime around Oct or Nov my entry got deleted because it "was a duplicate." I KNOW I checked to make sure there was not another log for this item. I search on the state, state abbreviation and town name. The town name is fairly unusal and was (is) included in the log that was not deleted, but I did not find it during my search. Now, I guess I could have missed it, but I also know that you can backdate entries and the only way that I know of (not an expert on this) to be certain of when the cache was actually entered into geocaching is by the e-mail that was sent to the owner (or watchers of the cache). Obviously, the owner was not keeping up with this since it took months to delete my entry. It's not a big deal, only one find and although I do pay attention to my numbers I am certainly not obsessed. I go out of my way to verify, to the best of my ability without hours of work, that my find IS unique. It just aggravates me that it showed up so long after the fact and I'm not convinced it wasn't back-dated before my entry. Ok... so there it is. I'm sure I'll get some messages relating to the complete lameness of locationless caches and that this is another reason we shouldn't have the at all, but that's OK. I just needed to have my say.
  15. I found a cache once that the coordinates were 1/2 mile off. The owner mentioned that your GPS wouldn't read well because of buildings downtown, but I'm pretty sure he could have gotten closer than 1/2 mile. The reason anyone found the cache is because he told you the park name and the intersection it could be found at. Lucky for me my GPS could search by intersections because even though I grew up here and went to school nearby, the street name was not one that I knew. I guess in an instance like this I wonder if it's really geo-caching. I couldn't use my GPS at all, it was useless from the very start. I have found regular caches in the woods that are 100 feet or more away from the coordinates. Lots of places to look in the woods. The problem I have with this, people will tear the area up looking in the wrong place. Not good for the trees and shrubs (or the people getting cut up by palmettos) and not good for the image of caching when the park employees see the destruction!
  16. I don't consider it a find unless I physically sign the logbook myself. I know of a group of local cachers that usually travel together and one person signs the book for all. That would make me wonder if all of them were actually there. The logbook is supposed to validate that you actually found the cache. Some of the caches I have visited it is easier to drive near the cache and then drop a person off to find it. We don't sign the log for both, we just switch the roles and then both get to find it. Caching in pairs or a group is inevitable and that usually means that all people in the group will not find the cache on their own. But... sitting in a car is not looking for the cache. I figure if you at least were out there, made the effort to look (I wouldn't dream of sitting back and letting the others do the work) and then physically sign the logbook that is a find. I cache with a friend who will cache without me since I travel quite a bit. He has offered last stage coordinates on multi's, but I don't want them. The fun, to me, is in the hunt and that includes multiple stages. We also have someone in the area that hides numbers in his caches that are clues to caches he will place in the future. I would never consider "finding" the new cache without having found the initial cache with the clue (without the clue, you can't compute the coordinates). Just doesn't seem right to me. As for puzzles, I guess I'm more lenient because I'm just not that good at them. I give it my best shot but if my caching partner figured it out and is ready to go find the cache (we usually hunt for 5 or more caches in a day) I wouldn't just sit back and not look even though I didn't solve the puzzle. Cheesy maybe, but I know others in the area that don't even bother trying. All this said, in the end it is just a game. I try not to let the numbers thing get me to the point of aggravation just because someone else doesn't play to my standards. If they think it's fun just to watch their numbers rise, when they aren't actually hunting, then they probably don't have much fun in their lives.
  17. I hate the ones who say TNLN: took nothing left nothing. Boring. I've been known to take nothing and leave something, definitely a trade up. After a while I guess I get boring since most times there are just kids toys and nothing an adult would want. Great if I cached with a kid, but I don't. So... I just enjoy the hunt, search for something interesting in the cache, and leave it as it is.
  18. I guess I'm not going to say anything that hasn't been said, but this is one of my pet peeves. We have so few areas to place regular size caches that I hate to see it wasted with a micro (espcially if it's just a film container stuck in a cabbage palm). But... I don't think coming up with more rules is the answer. I finally realized that people get different things out of this sport, not everyone is in it for the same reasons I am. Some people really like the challenge of a well-hid micro while others prefer a regular size cache. But... I just realized that I DO have something to add. In the case of the film container and the cabbage palm the first instinct of some people will be to start tearing the foliage apart looking for a tiny object (the needle in a haystack problem). Even though GC discourages this type of behavior it is inevitable that there will be some people who will ignore that in the pursuit of a find. Still, those people probably don't read the forums or the rules and wouldn't change anyway. I'm inclined to enjoy the sport as is and realize that not every cache is "as I would like."
  19. I agree! Just an additional two cents on the micro in a haystack concept. I live in South Florida and we don't have a ton of natural areas to put full size caches in. As a result, alot of the caches are micro, which is fine. I just hate to "waste" a great area for a full size cache on a micro! The first one like that I went to find the area was getting destroyed by cachers destroying everything looking for a micro in the bush. Gives us cachers a bad name. Plus, I spent most the time complaining about wasting a really good spot on a micro (I know, that's my problem). Just wish some people would think before they hide.
  20. shrinkydinks.com The one in the pic was on the regular shrinky dink paper and it smeared (as you can probably see). Shrinky dink just came out with paper that can be put trhough the inkjet. The final model is alot better and has no smears! Good luck! Thank you! Now I just have to design something!
  21. What paper did you use? All I could find in my area at the local craft stores was the shrinky dink book, alot of money for 6 sheets (or so I thought). I looked on the internet and found the refills, but with a little more looking I ran across some on e-bay that is a different brand that can be used with an ink jet printer. I just ordered and should have them next week. I couldn't find that particular brand anyplace else (Invent It! Print and Shrink) so I decided to go with what was on e-bay, it should last me a while. I'm definately interested in this for a sig item. Yours looks like it was printed as well (at least the GPS does), so maybe you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  22. I really like the shrinky dink idea, but do you draw each one of them? Can you print on the shrinky dink "plastic" ? I guess I'm not so lazy that I couldn't draw them, but I'm bad enough that they would never even resemble each other!
  23. Yoo Hoo! It works! Now I just need to take it out caching and see how it goes. Thank you to everyone who helped on this one! I'm sure there is still heaps for me to learn, but I've certainly learned alot just getting through this exercise. I guess this is what happens to your technical skills when you don't use them for a few years! Thanks again! I'm thrilled to be at a point where I can use this great little device!
  24. Again, the help has been wonderful! I have now figured out how to export to Cetus and actually use it. But, and maybe I'm a little dense here, but I can't seem to find a map button on the bottom of the cache page. I have Done, Nav (for the CacheNav software that I may or may not need) and Ex (that goes to Cetus). Everything else seems to work, could I have the wrong version?
  25. First, I want to thank everyone for their responses. It has helped, but honestly I'm terribly frustrated right now. I've downloaded Cetus and Cachemate as well as Cachemate nav (and the Cetus export). I've loaded a cache into Cachemate (very cool!) and attempted to export it to Cetus. The iQue says it worked, but when I go over to Cetus it doesn't show any Distance indicating it knows I want it to go somewhere. Also... I don't have an option to export to the address book, just the memo pad. Is this an option you get when you purchase the Cachemate software? I'm hesititant at this point to purchase anything since I'm not positive that I want to keep this new toy. My Magellan works much better for navigating and this was intended to replace it. If I'm going to carry a PDA and a GPS, I'll buy a cheaper PDA. The voice prompts are pretty neat, but around here I don't need them. They'll be really handy as we travel, so that was a motivator in purchasing this to begin with (my husband bought it for me). I'm an avid geocacher, so a decent GPS is a priority for me. Not sure where I'm going to go from here. Hopefully I'll be able to get this thing straightened out and will be really happy with it! Thanks again!
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