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This Is Not A Joke


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Having grown up there, I'm very familiar with the area. Didn't have my Legend, but went looking right away, following the map. But, I'm confused. When did they expand PAFB out into the Atlantic? Darn, that water's still too cold for me!






Misspelled Legned

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Well the cache is gone but my DNF isn't:




Whom ever the heck Hazzmatt is, he gives terrible advice.


The sentries saw right through my disguise. I never tried walking in high heels before. I chose a black dress because black hides my love handles better. (Black turned out to be a bad choice. It picks up way more than lint.) I packed my bra with socks and inert hand grenades for trade. It was either the clanking of the grenades in my bra as I walked, or the filth and sand stuck to my dress from crawling around under the razor wire that gave me away. Oh, and I forgot to shave. My face that is, I shaved everywhere else. I was quite proud of my cleavage.


So anyhooo, I guess I took the hard way in because I had to crawl under and climb over some really hairy **** to get to within 75 feet of the cache when I hear an M-16 and a 12 gauge shotgun go hot behind me. That is a sound that one NEVER forgets. I had my hands up in the air before they could even yell "HALT!"


Well, I tried to talk my way out of it, but one of the MPs was a real jerk. I hummed one of the inert grenades and hit SMACK in his metal helmet. He went down like a sack of potatoes and peed all over himself. The others saw the grenade and hit the dirt. I sat down because I was laughing so hard and when the others started to look up, I yelled, "April Fools!"


They musta kicked the crap outta me for at least half an hour. I can't be sure. I was in and out of consciousness.


All that effort for naught and now they (The MPs) Are talking of shipping me off to someplace they call "Git Mo." One of the other inmates said that is in CUBA! We have military bases in CUBA??? Maybe I should have made my phone call instead of logging this DNF.........



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