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Return To Tampere (and More)

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We were so impressed with our last trip to Tampere, that we are returning in June (2-11th) and would like some more advice...


We hope to tour a little on this visit, and will be hiring a car. To keep costs down, I think we will be looking for camping or cabins. I'm not sure which route we will take - maybe down to Turku, over to Stockholm for a day or two, and back, or maybe around Karelia - we would love to see the "Kummakivi/Odd Rock" cache.


Can someone advise on good places to camp, or just advise how we find somewhere. Can we arrive at a camping place without notice, and stay there - do we have to reserve in advance?


Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


We also plan to be at the Kesäpäivä Valkoskella event, of course!


- Stu

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I've never reserved a camping site in advance, there is always a place for a tent available if the camping site is open, in June they all should be.

Usually there have been free cabins too but it might be wise to check by phone in advance.

Youth Hostels are a good inexpensive choise too.

Some private bed'n'breakfast places can also be available, usually you can see ads on roadsides (but I wouldn't count on finding one at right time and place).


Welcome back :P

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Thanks for the replies. I guess we will take it easy - as long as we know where we can stay from Divine's list, we can take Erwast's advice and just arrive!


And I noticed in my first post, I was a little short of letters on "Valkeakoskella" :P My English brain can't make words longer than 10 letters.


We also need to find our Camping Card. We have one we've never used because our previous summer trip was cancelled.





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and welcome back also on my behalf. It will be fun to see you :D. I recommend Turku (it's a very nice place during summer time) and it's easy to go with a cruise ship from Turku to Stockholm. Usually the ships from Helsinki are a bit more expensive than the ones from Turku.


I also think that there is no need to reserve a camping place in advance. There is a very nice camping place in Turku Ruissalo camping. It's on an island and there are a few caches nearby. There are plenty of nice caches in downtown Turku area, one very close to the harbour where the cruise boats are.

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It is really great news that you are coming back :D !


Here are some other links for finding cottage or B&B accommodation in Finland:






(all available in English also)


You can find help also from the regional/city tourist information offices. They usually are happy to make the booking for you too.



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We don't drink vodka without dissolving salmiakki into it first. So it really doesn't matter which brand we use :lol:


(We put about 15 pastilles of Fazer Super into a 1/4 bottle of cheap vodka - it was very nice indeed!)


Thanks to Harjus, I think we have enough Salmiakki to last until we can restock in June!





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Except the Devil himself, he drinks red wine...? Aren't that correct?

ROTFL, I have a glass of red wine in my left had right now! I almost spurted it through my nose when I read your post. :lol:


To be perfectly honest about my alcohol intake, I also like beer, especially dark Czech-type. I also don't mind other types of alcoholic beverages, including vodka, although I drink it quite seldom.


Errr...how did we get into this discussion? :lol:

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