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My New Single Day Record

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The number of caches around Klamath is amazing. I think even Rooster was amazed at how many there were when he got to thinking about it... as we drove he kept saying "oh I forgot about that cache" or "I wonder if that cache is still there" I think he had as much fun as I did just revisting long forgotten caches.


Without Rooster's help I could not have found near as many. It really helps to have someone who knows the area and knows the sneaky ways into caches. 53 found with one no find... started at 10am and ended at 7pm with a break for lunch. And to think that 20 was all I was really after to get to 300

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The cache league sure would have gotten a big boost from that trip. But I can only cache on weekends and I am having to travel further and further from home to get any... so I didn't think the league was for me.


It was a lot of caches to keep track of, but I tried to leave a relevent online log when I could. Most of my logs ended up sounding the same despite my effort.


I also had a hard time with the bugs I found because I found them in different caches then they were logged in... it was very confusing... but the cacher who had them before me had made the mistakes... so I tried my best to correct the mileage.


And the one trade item that I wanted to find was a bufford wooden nickle... and in all those caches I did not find one of them :(

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