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Driving 225 Mph With 60cs

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I've had max speeds posted of 194 miles per hour on my CS. Surely what is going on is a function of the definition of velocity: distance/time. And since max velocity is an instantaneous velocity, the time interval is taken to be very small (as the CS cannot do limits - if you know some calculus). Now, the time interval is surely quite accurate as it is a function of only a clock. But the distance is determined by the GPSr. And there is a large variability in the distance - that's what the accuracy circle is all about. So, if the distance used in the computation of dist/time is off by a factor or 2 or 3. then the velocity is off the same. It is probably not hard for the distance to be off by a factor of much more when it is very small. That's why the max or (non-average) velocity is so far off. I don't even pay attention to these any more. Although, sometimes, they agree quite will my my car speedometer.

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