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I Need Some Help With Pocket Queries

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I have noticed that with all the new recent changes to the web site (good job I might add!), that in my PQ's I have begun to see an amount of caches that show up as not found by me but when I go to the actual cache page to check them out, there is the red lettering at the top saying "unavailable but visible".

My questions ... Are these caches archived or simply marked temporarily disabled? Which is which when it comes to "unavailable but visible" on the cache page?

I thought that archived caches by nature aren't supposed to show up in the query listings...

I think I may have remedied my query list by checking the option to list only active caches (as opposed to inactive) when I revised my setting for my PQ.

Does this seem correct? Please help.


Kirk out. Search1128

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Yes, I bet you're seeing caches that are temporarily disabled, and by adjusting the PQ settings as you described, that should keep them from showing up in your PQ results. Temporarily disabled caches DO show up in searches and pocket queries. At this time, permanently archived caches DO NOT show up in pocket queries, or in proximity-based searches. (They do show up in searches for caches found by a user.)

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