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Can I Recover My Factory Set Caches?


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:D I got my new 60cs and wouldn't you believe it? I did a coplete wipe of saved waypoints and caches.. As I recall when I breezed through it the first time, it have some caches in it that I could 'find'. Now, there is nothing.. Can I recover the stuff was on the unit when I opened the box, before I screwed up?
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This is for the 60C but I think this file is the same for the CS

I tried it on my CS. The installer says "Marine POI". Once install is complete, there is a new "Marine POI" on the find page. If you select it there are none found. Two questions


1) Does this work differently on a C

2) What's in included POI database on the C/CS and how can you get to it?



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Similar question: got a new 60cs. Installed City Select v 5. Did I erase any Points of Interest?


Also, can one buy/get a POI file that has better/more recent POI's than what is in City Selecte v 5.4 [there are a rather surprising, to me, number of errors - things that should be there that are not [eg: Appalachian State University] and a number of things that are there and should not be [a number of hotels and restaurants in Charlotte, for example]]?


EDITED: Oh, just to be clear, I'd want these POI's to be part of (or replace) the POI's that I get when I down load various City Select maps to my GPSr. So, I guess I'm looking for a POI update to City Select. ALSO, I notice City Select ver 6 is now in Beta. Will the 60CS behave differently? For example, ver 6.0 has categories of waypoints. Will there then be categories of waypoints on the 60 CS?



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What Im looking for are the Geocaches that were included on the unit before I did the wipe. There is a seperate find function for caches. And when I first played with the unit I seem to remember there being caches already loaded. Gonna have to figure out the downloading of caches via USB this weekend I guess. I sent a help request to Garmin but I haven't heard back yet. I'll post they're reply here when they get back to me.

Thanks for the suggestions though everyone!



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What Im looking for are the Geocaches that were included on the unit before I did the wipe.



As I recall (before I accidentally wiped them) that there are 3 built in waypoints (not Geocaches). All 3 were Garmin offices. I thought they were interesting, but not that valuable as I'm not likely to be near them any time soon. All you need to get them back is convince a new C/CS owner to save them to file using mapsource, then email them to you. You can easily load them in using mapsource.

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Thanks for the info. I think I'll choose not to worry about it.. I started entering waypoints in for the caches near my area and discovered that when you assign the closed treasure chest icon to that waypoint, it automatically duplicates the waypoint as a geocache under that menu. Kinda neat. But, every time you 'mark' a waypoint, it uses the last icon you assigned. I wish the flag was the default. Anyway, Im going out on my ATV tomorrow to enjoy this warm weather we are having. Having the GPS along allows me to wonder where ever I want and not worry about getting too turned around!


Keep your cache cool-



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