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Customized Gps Receivers - Gpsr


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I have seen a lot of creativity when it comes to customizing geocache containers, but has anyone customized their GPSr? My sister (who lives out of state) only gets to go geocaching when she visits me. I felt that it was a cruel injustice that she was not out geocaching in her state of residence, so I got on ebay and bought a camo-etrex. Since she has a certain affinity for pink, I thought it fitting to spray paint it and monogram it with her geocache user ID. The cool coincidence is that the "e" in "etrex" is the same shade of pink. It almost looks like the gpsr was pink from the factory! I then loaded a pocket query of 485 geocaches in her area and will be dropping it in the mail later today.


Have any of you customized your GPS receivers?



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