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Adding To A Tb


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I say bad idea.


That's not what the owner had in mind. There are some TBs that have a mission something like that. We have one in this area that says it's to pick up pieces from the cache it's currently in.


If you want to add something to a TB, don't do it untill you verify with the owner that it's ok.



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Is it wrong to add stuff to a TB?....I had an idea to add a little tag to all the TB's I find saying it had visited the area. Is this a bad idea?

This does not sould like a good idea to me.


I sometimes add a small laminated instruction tag if the bug has a goal and the owner didn't include instructions. Most of my caching is done on the road so when I pick up a bug in Eugene, Oregon and then find out when I get to Seattle that it wanted to go south it gives the bug an adventure that maybe it didn't want.


It isn't fair to say that a bug shouldn't be picked up if you (the finder) don't know where it is going. Without an instruction tag the journey just gets a little longer.

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