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  1. Mines has been on the road since 2004, but only racked up 21,658 miles...been in Europe for a long time now... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TBGK4R
  2. A friend of mine was going tp visit Thailand and bought an Etrex here in the the US. He just wanted to plot his points and not use the maps but it would never lock onto any sats over there the entire week. Anyone know why it might not have worked? I thought it should have at least been able to lock onto the sats and give him UTM locations and store waypoints. Any info? he is going back in a few months and would really like to plot his travels. Does he need to turn WAAS off for it to be able to lock onto sats first or any other settings that need to be off?
  3. All that protective gear and his hands are exposed??...LOL
  4. Sorry but its not a real chake light. The chineese have flooded the cheap shake light market with battery powered knockoffs. If you look real close there are 3 lithium coin cells inside stacked on thier edge. Sure it has a metal shaker thingy and you can chake it but it does nothing. I have torn 3 of these things apart because I got real suspicious that they lasted so long on a coupld of shakes. Our saftey officer bought some for the emergency kits and after I prooved they had batteries in them he threw them away. The metal "shaker" wasnt even a magnet but a piece of steel and the wires from the "Coil" went to nothing. It was nothing more then an LED and 3 batteries. beware of chineese made crap! By the way you can find this same information online but there is nothing you can do becasue they are made in china and the company that makes them has no contact information.
  5. Hulk Hogan was using something like this when his daughter was dating some guy and he was following them on a website.
  6. I thought about doing this when my kids get older and start to drive. It would not only record where they went but how fast!
  7. The best method I have used is the criminal one. I not only use leaves when painting mine but also branches and branches with leaves. I have also used the wet paint/dirt method. That works well also.
  8. they do make a 9 pin to usb adapter that might work. Check radio shack or your local best buy/circuit city or maybe even china-mart...ummm I mean Wal-mart
  9. ***NEWS FLASH!*** CAMERA MUGGLED! Details below. Along with the camera, there was stolen: *an ammo box *a larger locked box *and one (1) tree LOL...nooo...this little camera is only worth about as much as a couple of those throw away cameras...its not a large deal if it got stolen.
  10. I think it would fly if on your cache page you put something like: IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR PICTURE TAKEN DO NOT LOOK FOR THIS CACHE I agree. I would for sure put the info in the cache page, that is what I was thinking the cache to be more so about then anything else.
  11. Can you say........MUGGLED CAMERA? Again.........M-U-G-G-L-E-D CAMERA. Now.........one more time with lots of emphasis on the "muggled" part....................... ......................."MUGGLED Camera!!" I was thinking like a locked box containing the camera attached to the inside of a large ammo box attached to a tree or a post. This way they cant take either one. The camera would be permenatly attched to the ammo box. All I would have to do is take my laptop out and download the pictures off the camera and maybe check/change batteries. Besides if someone did muggle the cache, then it would take a picture of them...LOL...then I could print the picture and put up a wanted sign...LOL
  12. [quote name='TheAlabamaRambler' date='Nov 10 2006, 04:40 PM' post='2562542' What does all your rigamarole add to that simple solution beside cost, complexity and frustration?? Ed Cost=$0.00 I have all the parts to do this. I am an electronics tech so I have TONS of junk in my shed Complexity= wont be complex...at least for me. I think a couple of simple one shot timer circuits will be all it needs to make it work. Frustration=Fun! I like to make things. Especially when it involves electronics so I dont think it will be frustrating to me...a simple challenge but not frustrating
  13. I was thinking more like 4 D-cells (2 sets of 2 wired in parallel) for the longevity of power. Also will have to wire a circuit up to power everything up when the cache is opened, turn the camera on, wait 2 secs then activate the shutter, this circuit could be powered by either the same d-cells or maybe even a separate 9 volt. It turns itself off after about 30 secs so powering down is not a problem. I am thinking a large ammo box mounted about head level. I think the whole thing excluding the batteries would take up no more room then a large altoids can.
  14. Well, I would state that the picture would be take as soon as the cache was opened up. I was going to rig it up so that it would come on when the door is opened and then snap the picture like 2 seconds later...i guess I could put a "warning" light so someone could duck right before the picture was taken.
  15. OK, here is an idea. I have one of those small el-cheapo digital cameras, the ones that dont even have a display of what you took, just a couple of menu items and a display to show how many pictures you have taken. Anyhow I was thinking of a way to attach this to the inside of a cache that would be about head high. You couldnt move the cache but when you opened the lid, it would take a picture of your face. Then I could once a certain number of people find the cache go download the camera and post the pictures on the cache page. How many people would do this knowing it would take a picture of thier mug?
  16. I have been out of caching for about a year due to relocating but I am back into it now. Anyhow I love micro and urban caches. I find them more challenging then regular ammo cans hidden in the woods. DOnt get me wrong I like the ammo cans and the kids love the trade items but the hunt of the micros in a public park when there are people around make it fun to me. I had a lot of really good micro and urban caches and I can recommend that the 3 things I do when I hid them. 1. Camo 2. Camo 3. CAMO! The more camoed they are the better response I had from the seekers. Think "natural" things like bolts, relfectors, rocks...etc..I always try and think about what it is people see everyday but pay no attention to them or it and then try and make a cache resemble or out of it. You will get lots of good reviews and stump a lot of people in the process. I guess the other thing to remember is to make it known out front that it is a micro. Some people dont like micros at all and others like me would rather try and find a micro first over a full size cache anyday.
  17. sounds like an idea for an evil cache I heard about... You hide a film container as the cache, and make sure you mention that the container is a film container on the cache page. then you scatter one or two bottoms and tops of other film containers in and among the area you hide the real cache...like hang the real cache but "drop" pices of conatiner in the fork of the tree, on the ground, behind a bush...etc...etc...when someone finds the top or bottom they might automaticlly think the cache was muggled and stop looking and then log a DNF... hehehe
  18. I wonder if they got the camo idea from the GC.com website?...
  19. nope...it doesnt work on flexible containers. I made one out of a plastic jar and some sticks/bark. As soon as the container started flexing just by the temperature changes the sticks and bark started poping off like they where not even glued on....and yes I even roughed up the plastic. Hot glue just doesnt work well in the weather.
  20. What really bothers me about this whole ordeal is this statement... The Expense of the law enforcement response????? Isnt that what taxes are for? Isnt that why the police departments got dollars from the federal govt for the fight of terrorisim???? Its not this poor geocachers fault that they wasted all of thier money on stuff that it was never intended to be spent on. This prosecuter just wants to punish someone for making the police look silly. The police did not over react but he needs to punish the media for over reacting and over reporting this story when it makes no difference to Joe-Blow in Alaska.
  21. I figured it would be like here in the States but I just wanted to check. I will actully be in Milton. Have a pocket query going as we speak. I just searched from a LAt and Long location. I wont have a lot of time in the evenings but I figure I could get a few easy ones in just so I can have them in my logs that I cached someplace else other then the States
  22. Yes I speak the language...I will say its not a european country...in fact its a bit more cold up there....
  23. OK... I wont mention where because I dont want this topic moved to that country's geocaching forum. Its not a question of where but a question of causing problems. I want to know if I am in another country and since I am a "foreigner", if the local police or law enforcement would be more apt to arrest or detain me more so then if I was a local?
  24. I dont understand why this topic was moved. I am not inquiring where to cache I was wondering if other OUT OF COUNTRY people have cached in canada and what to do if I get "caught" by police
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