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Can't Log Canada Geocoins?

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We have found a couple of USA Geocoins now and we have logged them in at geocaching.com. It's cool how they show up as items found under your profile.


Today, for the 1st time, we found a Canada Geocoin. It, like the USA coins, has a unique number stamped on it. But when we went to log it in at the geocaching.com site, it told us that the coin number was not in their system. <_< Instead, we needed to go to www.geocoins.ca to log in the coin. (This was the info found on the plastic bag that the coin was in.) So we logged the coin in at the geocoins.ca website. I'm guessing that this site must not be linked to geocaching.com because the Canada coin still did not show up anywhere on our profile. Too bad. I thought it would be a lot cooler if all the different types of geocoins could be logged in at geocaching.com as long as they each had a unique number.


Why can't they do this? What's wrong with the Canada geocoins? Why can't we use them like a travel bug at geocaching.com? After all, the coin itself says www.geocaching.com on it and has a unique number!

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