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Premade Cache

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I had seen that a few weeks ago, but at that time she also included pocket knives in the goodies. I emailed her and suggested she remove that since it was a banned item on the web site she was promoting. She emailed me back and hadn't realized they were no longer allowed. She talked about her caching and how she got involved. Seems like a nice person and if she can make a few$$, good for her. I did notice she has removed the knives, which makes me think she is reputable.

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To whoever bids: send an additional check to me and I'll hide it for you.



Interesting idea. $4-5 for the ammo can, not sure what that sticker costs, but with shipping I'm guessing its a couple bucks. Plus the swag. I guess that's what I would spend to create a new cache.


Not sure if he should have included a picture where you can see the knife though. TPTB might get a bit miffed at him for that :lol:

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