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How To List A User's Tb Finds


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Click on "user stats" in the user's profile, then click on "Travel Bug dog tags"


This user is messing with things. The bugs are around the world. Maybe the user picked random numbers for the tracking numbers and logged those bug "finds".

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I checked this users' stats and found that a few of the bugs nabbed had their serial numbers exposed in the owners' posted pics....while others did not have any photographic exposure. I think brad.32 is correct in his assumption that "random" or sequencial numbers were picked. There was a user (team) that was banned for doing just that.


Checkout profile for Electric Shavers:

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Thanks for the note about the profile "travel bugs" being a hotlink - to a list -

At least on my screen, only the "bug" is the hotlink,

and the "text desc" is not hotlinked....so never noticed -




The only reason I mentioned the topic,

was that my TB was one "found" and "replaced" -

and yet it appears to be physically missing from the cache -

I'm up in Chicago - and the cache is down in Florida -

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I checked out the link to this cacher. This is definately TB abuse. Hard to be in Vienna, Mexico, California, the Pacific Ocean and the mid west all in one day. And I only checked out 5 of the 22 finds.


This should be reported to gc.com. Anyone know how that is done?

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This person (Travel Bug) is really gonna piss some people off, if they don't knock it off. They are actually "grabbing" and then "re-placing" the bugs in their last cache, but if they do it while someone is on their way home after grabbing it and then wants to try and log it (you know its gonna be a newcomer to the game)....we are all gonna have to help them sort it out.


We should all thank "spyder8" for catching this creep when he did.....


Thanx, spyder8

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