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Anyone Else More Into Bugs That Geocaching?


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I know I've seen evidence of people who are more into forum posting than geocaching... or at least accusations of such. But I am finding myself getting much more into Travel Bugs than actually hunting caches. I attribute this to the fact that I've been doing WheresGeorge for 4 years. So the mindset is the same. I've started about the same number of TB's as I have found caches. :rolleyes:



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Oooooooh....is that LEGAL? :rolleyes: You don't do that with your "Where's George" Dollars, too, do you? B)B)

No, 'cause paper folds! I can stuff a W.G. dollar into most micros! I did dull a good pair of scissors, though, cutting that tag down. Wife wasn't too happy about that. At least I was smart enough not to use her good sewing scissors! B)

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I prefer to hunt caches with bugs. Those are usually the only ones I go after now. I travel quite a bit so I can move bugs around.


I have 46 cache finds, 25 bug finds and 1 mountain bike coin find.


I'm still waiting to actually find a USA Geocoin in a cache! :-)


As long as I've been selling them I still havent found any in a cache.

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