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pictures posted with first finds from newbies


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Speaking from experience, we didn't bring a camera along on our first find. Totally unprepared. Then we came here and read all 42 of the "what do you carry in your backpack?" threads. We've been taking photos at nearly every cache we've visited since!


I agree, photos are fun. And the BEST are pictures of a grinning group of kids, covered with mud/snow/dirt, proudly displaying the cache they found!



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We took pics of our first find but prob was we also just got a new digital camera and didnt know how to use it that well.Finally got the pics to the computer ,but they were to big to meet the 100k maximum.By the time we finally got a decent program that reduces pics size. We had unknowingly deleted them from computer.OH well we did find the cache though.Love this game just wish I could quit my job and make a living doing this.Maybe I could start a guide service for people who dont have gps's or maybe even rent them out.Hmmmmmmm...............the possibilities(sp?)

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I think most newbies are so excited to have a new GPS and wanting to go on their first find that they are unprepared. When I did my first, I didn't bring anything but my GPS.


Originally posted by billyjoebob:

i haven't seen pictures uploaded from any of the newbie's first finds. why don't more newbie's post their pictures? i can see that after the first 5 or so finds, posting a picture would get old, but the first few finds, it's exciting, why not?

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I posted my first finding pics & will continue as long as I Geochache, however, I will not post every cache. When I see something scenic to add value to my log & show others the nature of the location, I'll find something to take a pic of! BTW, I order a new digital camera & hopefully will break it in on my next hunt!



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