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Micro Tb's

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I have read a few threads about sticking TB's in microcaches. I wanted to bring this topic up again...


I took a TB dog tag and cut the edges off all four sides so that there is absolutely no empty space left around the printed message on the tag. This also removed the space where the hole was, but the hole is not necessary, since it won't be attached to anything. The whole idea was that only the tag itself would be travelling from micro to micro.


So I tested it to see if it would fit into a 35mm film cannister, which it does. But the one micro I've found was jammed full with the logbook. So I'm considering bending the tag so that it would be flush up against the inside of the micro cannister, which means it would probably fit better in there with the logbook. I'm also considering putting instructions on the TB's page that people should just place the dogtag against the outside of the cannister with a rubber band.


I thought about cutting off all of it but the serial number. But that's just asking for it to be lost. And I don't really like the idea of sending a piece of laminated paper with a picture of the tag on it. It should at LEAST have the actual tag! So it's kinda like a geocoin at this point, only smaller... and bendable.


I just wanted to see what everyone thought about this and if there's ever been any success stories for this sort of thing. I figure that if someone who usually avoids micros finds a listing of one with a TB in it, they'd be more likely to hunt that cache. Thanks for the feedback!




P.S. The metal in the dogtags can be cut with a strong pair of scissors. It's not very hard at all.

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If you bend it, it may fit better in film canisters but it will fit worse in Altoids cans.


If you really want to make it small, replicate it on paper, same size, and laminate it. That way it will lay flat when needed, bend when needed, and can be replaced with impunity.

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