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Bugs Without Goals


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Hey there,


I've found a bug named "Bug AWOL 3". It would seem the owner has released three bugs, all of which have been renamed AWOL, with the goal being listed as "Bug waiting to be redeployed as a new bug".


This implies that the bug is essentially up for grabs. Is this true? If so, can I claim it and re-release it with a new goal. Basically take ownership? I'd hate to have to trash it, but shuttling a pointless bug around can't be good for the TB concept.



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With what you have provided, I would guess that the bug "went missing" and the owner is waiting for it to surface again before giving it the new goals.


Regardless, my opinion would be that it isnt your bug so you cant claim it. The fact of the matter though, is that it isnt practical for you to claim it since you cant administer it. That is, your account isnt recognized as the owner of the bug so you cant edit its page and you wont get the emails when it moves.

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Fair enough. Based on the past logs for this and the other 2 bugs though, its obvious the owner doesn't care to follow up.


I think I was asking a more general question: is there a procedure in place to breath new life into unwanted bugs? Or, like in this case, since its clear the owner couldn't care less, do we just dump them in the trash? (of course I realize thats not a good idea, but passing around a pointless bug doesn't really make sense to me)

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