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Visiting Montreal


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Depends on where you are staying in Montreal, but for downtown, if you do a search of your hotel Postal Code can give you a start. We also have had freezing rain and snow so it might be difficult to locate some caches


There are some good caches on Mount Royal,

Iced Tea 4 the King (GC123B), virtual, more or less the center of the City and good of place as any to start a search from


Not recommended this time of year due to their location, but if you are back in the summer months.

Tux #1 (GC89EF)

Hellmouth Montreal (GCH6Y1)



House On Fire (GC74AB) Could be snowed in

Weasel's Cache (GCGKRP) Could be snowed in

Iced Tea 21 (GC6B0A) Do you homework first, also could be snowed in

Iced Tea Y2K+1 (GC123A) Virtual

Square Dorchester ver/to le vieux Montreal I (GCB55F) Great virtual tour of downtown

Zac02 - Places with a soul (GC7357) multi, spread out, but should be findable nice locations

Iced Tea 22 (GCAAA6) Multi but could be snowed in

Iced Tea 10's Yer Luck Number (GC1D4E), recently found multi. was featured on CBC Radio last Thursday

NDG micro (GCGQGZ) Most likely snowed in

The Running of the Iced Teas (GC664C) Challenging and well spread out, depends on your transportation, winter friendly.

Root Beer (GCGFA2) Could be snowed in

Iced Tea 29 (GCGJ1D) Nice little park, bring peanuts for the squirrels

Oink! Happy birthday (GC46AB), watch your step

Camo tube (GCGXCF) winter friendly

Parc Lasalle Micro (GCGWV2) Nice park, Winter friendly (Plug for my own cache)

Micro Poly (GCGE54) Most likely snowed in

These are getting out to the west island away from downtown.

Saturday Bike Ride 2 (GC130C) Virtual

Dorval P.E.T. Bug Hotel (GCH7T7) should be easy, just becareful of the location, you will see when you get there.

Saturday Bike Ride 1 (GC130B) Might have to dig this one out

Iced Tea 15 (GC4C91) Nice little multi

Deco Stop 1 (GCH9F1)

Iced Tea 12' Excellent Adventure (GC2E97)

Nightly #1 (GCH85E)


These are most of the caches centered from Mount Royal, if you do a search from your hotel, you will see what is near you, hopefully we don't get much more snow as this would make some of these more difficult to find. I have found most and have marked which might be snowed in, others are from reading some of the recent logs. Have a great trip.

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Many thanks for those! depending on weather and time I'll try and do some.

Some of my co-workers who have never been to Canada before are desperate to make an excursion to Niagra Falls over the weekend that we have free, good idea or not? I know this is off thread but as you seem knowledgeable I thought I'd ask. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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You do know Niagara Falls is not just around the corner, right? According to MapQuest: Total Est. Time: 6 hours, 36 minutes Total Est. Distance: 655.04 km. http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.ad...-04b9d-400c330e


I think that is actually very optimistic. I think you could easily add another 3 hours. You could probably more realistically consider flying to Toronto, Hamilton or Buffalo, then renting a car or taking a bus. You could also take a train, possibly all the way, with a probable transfer in Toronto.


You might do well to contact a travel agent, before your trip, but you should know it is more than just a trip around the block. ;) Have a great trip.

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