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I notice that when I view the Terraserver page from a cache page that it loads up at 64 meter resolution. If I view coordinates (without a cache id) from EasyGPS, select "view online" then select the Terraserver view it loads up at 4 meter resolution. I find that the 64 meter resolution to be almost useless because I am so far out that I can't really recognize ground features and when I zoom in it is easy to get lost and end up a long way from where I was originally trying to look. When the page loads at 4 meter resolution the ground features are readily identifiable and easily managed from that point. Anyone know a way around this problem?


thanx, jeff'

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Tagging "&s=10" onto the end of the Terraserver URL will get you to the 4m level, however, since the link on the cache page is a redirect link, and not the actual URL you want to visit, copying the link and adding to is before you go there isn't an option. You have to get there and then add it.


Not much help since a simple click of the zoom bar will accomplish the same thing once you're actually at Terraserver.

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