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I like the Print Bug Sheet feature on the travel bug web pages. I came across a travel bug that I had recently that had a much smaller version of the bug sheet page attached to it on the chain and didn't look exactly how the bug sheet looks on the site. I was wondering if there's a place on the site I can print a smaller version of the bug sheet page. I suppose I can print the regular page out and shrink it down on a copy machine, but maybe there's another alternative??? Just wondering.

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I've written my own in a word processor with borders set up to limit the size of the page, print them on a laser printer, cut with scissors, and then used a self-laminate to seal, trimming the laminate to size. 1.5" * 1" can be trimmed into about travel bug size and a hole punch makes it easy to attach.


The small ones are useful for those travel bugs that do want to gather momentos along their journey or when a TB owner asks to have a goal sheet added.


You can see size examples of each on this bug. Sites to suggest text you may want to use can be found in my profile (the first 4 links at the moment).

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Well theres no where I know of on the site but I've done it two ways....


One... I just shrank it down with a copier machine and laminated it.

Two... I use the print screen function, crop out the tag and shrink it down like you would a picture.


It turns out like this...


edit... pic was to big to post

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