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Help With Posting Cache Link

Team GeoHoy

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You first need to go to the cache page and copy the URL from the top by right clicking it to highlight it the scroll down to copy and left click copy.


Next come to the forums and click the "http://" button to the left of the IMG button.


The first field you fill in is the URL so paste your URL in the first field that comes up. It says " enter complete URL here". Be sure you don't double enter the http:// as it is already entered by default.


Click ok when you have it entered and the next one is the name of the cache, web page, or where ever the link you posted leads. You may type in anything you want it to be called here and hit ok.


If you need anymore help email or PM me and I will try and help.

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Right above the field you type your post in click the button that says http:// paste the web address for your page there, click OK

then type the name in the next box that opens.

Thats it. Make sure the cursor is in the location you want the link to be.

Dang your short answers. LOL beat me to it. :D

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