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"t" Coin?


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This object is not a true geocoin per se. It is a large aluminum disc 2 1/2 inches in diameter that has a T punched through it with the word coin stamped next to the t, with a number stamped below.

I am thinking it was placed with the intent that it may be somehow tracked but I cannot find any reference to it in any searches.

If I could somehow log it I would like to do so...any ideas!?

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sounds like a cool signature item to me. Do you have a picture? (I know that Fisur is going to Markwell me on that one :unsure: )

I can't seem to find the picture that was once posted of the Tcoin. However, there is a geocacher named TCoin who has been known to leave Tcoins. Evidently it's a signature item. If the coins are trackable in some way, TCoin would know.



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Thank you to all for your assistance! It seems that the conclusion is that it is a sig item of TCoin's..it was found in a Washington cache and it *is* very cool.

I will contact TCoin and ask if there is a tracking system indeed...glad to have it and although I am on a dialup connection this weekend in a hotel, I will get a picture uploaded to my gallery page (which is currently empty!) so people can check it out.

In the meantime, happy caching to all and I need to come up with a sig item of my own.

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