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Weather At Cache (or Any) Coordinates


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I've been entertaining a few ideas that perhaps others on this forum have some thoughts on. Let's take a hypothetical situation that you have the coordinates for a particular location, and you want to find the weather at that location. Now, plenty of weather sites can search by zip code, but none (that I've found) offer a coordinate search. Any suggestions on how this might work?


I like the website Weather For You, since it has a great layout and good information. I wonder if similar weather information can be included on the cache page, along with a forecast (now you KNOW when to hunt a cache!).


So lately I've been daydreaming of lottery dreams, one of which would be to bike across the country. The ideal would be to have a tracking system like Traxall Internet Tracking, so that friends/family would be able to log on to my website and know where I am (Authorized users, of course!). A nifty map would come up showing my current location and route so far. I would also want to provide a link that says "Weather at Jim's location". Herein lies the original issue of providing weather at a particular set of coordinates. This would be an automated system that I wouldn't have to update. Theoretically I would send daily messages/updates to a journal on the website.


I suppose the correlary application to the bike across the country would be to link my current location to a geocache, and have the coords automatically update on the cache page. When I cross an area, the cache pops up as a new cache in that area, and local geocachers could find me (given the proper permissions, of course). It would be a cross between a hitchhiker or travel bug and an event cache (would that make ME the travel bug?). The trick would be to find me when I settle down to camp for the evening (not far from the road I'm travelling). Being the social guy that I am, I would enjoy the company.


What do other geocachers think of these ideas? Feasible? Ludicrous? Fun? BOOORIIIING? Just curious. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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You could place a cache at the local airport that reports the weather.


I have used real time weather magnets on some cache pages before that were lengthy multis requiring several hours to finish, but javascript was disabled on cache pages, :lol: so I resorted to using a link to the nearest reporting station.

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