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Hi, we were looking at the cache GC3153 (Where's In A Name?) and we have calculated that our username 'hedberg' first 6 letters (hedber) will give us the coordinate: N43 32.37x


That seems to be in Spain, so if anyone will help us with this cache, it would be great!


You shall go to any place in Spain where the N43 32.37x (x=A number of your own choice!) can be found, and give us the W or E coordinate also! You mail us a photo where you have your GPS in the pictures showing the coordinates, so we can log the cache with that photo!


Please contact us, if you live close to N43 32.37x

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Great part of this coordinate in spain raises Galicia region where there is no caches so I think nobody there will help you, sorry.


Ask for French people, your coordinate raises from east to west France.


Your "Where's In A Name?" is very near to mine ;). Luck!

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Hey Garri,


Hedberg just logged their find using a nearby area, here in Ontario, Canada. If yours works out to be near here, too, I'd be happy to help out. I just happened by here, looking for something else. Quite a coincidence, since I had noticed Hedberg's post on the Canada forum, only yesterday. Feel free to e-mail me, if I can be of any help.

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