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But you just did reply. Does that mean you'll be banned? How many warnings does it take to get banned? You haven't been banned yet. J5 and I know what it's like. ;-) Are you going to dare it?


And, coming back to topic... Who says I'm referring to you specifically, or in general as you put it. Maybe I was referring to someone on Vancouver Island. (Remember the topic in the Canada Forums about someone on VI giving up?) You seem a bit paranoid, or something. Lighten up. Not everything/everyone is against you. I see your caches are still all Member Only caches.


Speaking to you reminds me of something else, or your buddy. My complaint, with proof, to GC.com (Bryan and Hydee) has yielded no response from them to me. What a pity. :-( I guess we'll have to all live in denial of the truth. [sound of X-Files music playing in the background]


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My buddy?


What's the difference between saying 'your buddy' and 'xx xxxxxxxx'?

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