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Travel Bugs Mia


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Hey all


We have placed a numeroud travel bugs only to have the stolen by pillgers or grabbed up by people who just lose interest in the game. One in particular, I have emailed the person who took him (within days of us poolaing him) and was assured over and over that once conditions were right, they would place him. Well, it has been over a year and now they don;t even answer my mail. It is getting frustrating. We have even offered to pat for the postage if they would just ship the TB back to us so we could start him somewhere new. Does anyone have any advice or tips? It is strangethat all of our TB's have gone MIA, but we placed them in various parts of the country so I don't think it is someone who is stalking our bugs. The really sad thing is, 2 of the bugs were done with froends of ours kids. They are both 6 and they both picked their favorite stuffed toy and we attached the tags and sent them on their way. Their goal was to reach us here in VA and we would send them back to NM. Unfortunately, one was pillaged in a TB cache so we know it is gone. (Which is really sad cuz he had a really hard time getting started and then once he did.....pooof) The other was going good but has suddenly stopped. and again, no response. I know this is the risk of a TB, but c'man, we need at least on ethat stays active. Any advice is appreciated.



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Because of what you described, the bugs I plan have MIA in mind. I try to get two of the hitchhiker, so I can reissue the bug with the duplicate when the original goes missing. A one-of-a-kind item will be history. I don't know how many times I will re-issue, but it's something to try. I re-issue them to a previous finder, so the chain is not broken too badly.


Bugs go missing and people don't reply to emails. I re-issued a bug to a guy who said he would place the replacement for me. He held it for almost two months before placing and stopped replying to my emails long before that.

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