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Warn %

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OK, that was good -- very fast, and all looks well. I am at zero %


I wonder what would have happened if I had provided the entire url for the

www.woodsters.com site in the comment about the Cheers Gang Party thread?


Or said that I am kind of [upset] that there no longer are private topics...


[Edited for language. Please don't play "test the moderators."]

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I thought about personally attacking you by saying that I think you are an ugly puppy that should be hit by a big hammer, but I suppose that won't cut it! :)

I am offended by the comments made by carleenp! Please give her a warning as an example to others about threatening remarks. I also feel like she made inappropriate comments about my age, sex, race ,religion, sexual orientation, and any other junk used in lawsuits and whining. ;):)

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Wow the communism has started. Glad to know our donation dollars have created a system to crush the donors ability to voice themselves without getting a "warning"


I got a warning booo hooo.


Next they will be giving out time outs, or is that to harsh for the "non-competitive" folks.

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