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After 9 days of having the forums offline, we are back in business. Old topics have been reincarnated, accounts have been imported, but there are still a few quirks and bugs to terminate before we're completely satisfied.

  • Gone are the days where you could have another name in the forums. In these forums your login username is your name, so there's nothing we can do about that. Some people may notice that I am no longer Jeremy (Admin), for example.
  • if you have a & or strange character in your username (or possibly password), you may have trouble logging in. We're looking to see how we can combat some of the strange characters, but we may eventually have to "outlaw" some characters from being in usernames or passwords due to integration issues between the two forums.
  • Polls were imported, well, poorly. We'll look into reimplementing them but at least for now the posts still exist as well as the discussions around each poll.
  • Responding to posts before November 19th may result in the injection of html from the post into the quote section. You may have to strip it out before posting; otherwise it could look ugly. I have been copying the quote from the info below the post for a clean copy.
  • Since the Geocaching.com Discussion Forum is for logged in users only, you will not see it displayed when you are viewing the board as a guest. In addition, signature lines and Avatar images will not display for guests. If you wish to see them, log in. The cookies in the new forums keep you logged in for quite a while.
  • If you make changes to your profile on Geocaching.com, you will need to click on the "discuss geocaching" link on Geocaching.com while logged in for your forum profile to update. This includes avatars, signature lines, titles (for premium members), passwords, and your username. The register link in the forums will also redirect you to the page that updates your profile.

We'll be putting together a Q&A page once the bugs are worked out and the forum is humming along.

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