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Found first cache full of religous "goodies" :o(

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Cyarnell, who originally posted the question has never logged a find and hasn't been back to the site since. Perhaps this is because it was a borrowed GPSr, perhaps they were turned off by thier first cache. I guess we'll never know. I started reading this thread and was sidetracked to another thread on the same topic and Jeremy closed it. period.....nuff said....AMEN


Try living as a Panthiest with a Christian sister and a JW mother, and we were all brought up Catholic. Talk about confused!


Cache you later,


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Its like anything else in a cache. If it appeals to you take it and trade. If it doesnt, log the find and be happy for the hunt. What you might not value, might be just what some other hurting person needs.

I have been to a lot of caches and never seen one totally devoted to this topic. But, I would have absolutely no problem if I did find one. The more caches you get it seems to me the more TNLN's you do. Maby its just me.


Cachin is just a bit sweeter when you've got a Isha!


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