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One Year Ago Today . . .


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I found my first cache. It was the beginning of a new interest.


My parents and I had marvelled at GPS technology for a number of years. We all thought how interesting it would be to be able to tell one's exact position on this planet. Yet, none of us could justify the expense of buying one. Just what on Earth would we do with it?


That was answered one year ago today.


A friend of mine, Webfoot, sent me a url of a story in which he was quoted. I read with interest. He had also turned me onto Where's George (I am not sure he knew that or not) so I was willing to investigate.


The article mentioned Geocaching.com. I came and I read. I sought some advice. And I read. Then I read some more.


I went out to a sporting goods store. In the darkness the salesman and I plotted our course on a Legend. I was impressed, but looking for a 315. The search continued for a day or two as I researched prices. Lo and behold, the local Sears had the best price going. That was a Friday. I played all evening with this thing. Making a waypoint for the lounger was my first success!


The following day, with cache pages in our hands, my fiancee (now wife) set off for the closest cache (about a mile away). Well, we were so twisted around we couldn't get there. To our credit, the area was jammed packed with shoppers and we could not navigate well.


Off we went to the second closest cache some 20 miles away. We traipsed around wildly. Gert filmed the entire adventure digitally. Good thing the lake was not full for we were on the wrong side of it. Away we went.


It was great fun zeroing in on the cache. We thought we were close, but this was our first adventure. I think Gert was a getting a little frustrated with our walking around in circles. I kept on. It was then I heard the screeching of my beloved. I rushed over. She kept pointing, "There it is! There it is!"


What joy! A Rubbermaid box filled with toys had two grown-ups smiling and jumping up and down in the woods in November. The wildlife must have had a hoot!


We were so excited, we went back and bagged the elusive cache that started our day. Then we drove all the way to Atlantic City to dig in the sand for the third of the day.


Although my father did not truly get to see the benefits of a GPS (he took ill at the end of November and died a few months later), I have escorted my mother on a few hunts. That 60-something year-old understands now what one does with a GPS.


A lot sure has changed this past year.


Keep caching,




Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose

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I am sorry about your father. I hope your mom is doing ok.

I'm glad you're still caching a year later. Some drop out. I haven't been doing this for a year yet, but I see no signs of stopping. Keep on cachin' on! Happy Anniversary.


Cache you later,



Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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