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Safety - Afraid of Heights?

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I am fairly new to Geocaching and would like to know if there are some safety guidelines? We have several Mountain Peaks around here over 14,000 feet elevation, and was wondering if there would be any interest. There are some 13,000 foot plus caches around me, some not even touched yet, as it takes either backpacking or rock climbing or 5 star hiking to reach. There are few caches in my area as it is sparsley populated and very rugged country. I live at 7,100 feet and am considered NOT living in the mountains. So should there be more caches close to the city of Durango, Colorado, or is it better to make difficult ones up in the mountains? Are there safety considerations to take into account?


Any thoughts??

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Everything you just said. There are all kinds of geocachers. Some people like one in the park in town so they can find it and have a picknick. Others like to drive new roads for a sunday/geoacaching drive. Other still would like to be one of the chosen few to find on after a 5 star hike.


All that's really important is have fun placing the cache and tell it like it is. "This is a 5 star hike, if you are not used to high altitudes be warned this is harder than it would be at your lower elevation".


Recenlty I went back to an area I used to live (5,500 ft) from my lower altitude. While geocaching has got me into better shape I've got a ways to go. Still an easy local hike was a lot more taxing at the higher altitude.

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