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Do you read cache hints before you hunt?


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Originally posted by Rigour:

I take the cache print-out with me.


Still no luck, I decipher the hint.


Given my "abilities", I usually end up deciphering the hint.


I have humbled myself too many times, I let the computer decipher long ones and I take a topo map from LostOutdoors.com. Schramm Park's caches were more than Lostoutdoors could handle, could only get part of them on the map and several that were shown were not in the arrangement on the ground that they were on the map. So I use the hints and interpret the maps/GPS readings accordingly.


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I don't read the 'cheat' before hunting. But if I am out there, and have been walking around in increasingly larger circles, after a hour or two, I am praying that the cheat will be of some help when I finally get it decrypted!!!

On the downside of "Cheater" hints, now I can't even read some other cachers' "Found it" if they have been there before me, because of them putting parts or all of the hints in their online logs. I really wish they would encrypt their logs if they feel the NEED to tell all.

And that's one reason I sometimes try to be the 'FTF' a cache. If there is a "cheater" hint...please try to leave it as it was meant to be, (ENCRYPTED AND IN THE "CHEATER") and not in your online logs!

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