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Webcam cache question

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I live in a region where there are no webcam caches, so I am thinking about trying to get a webcam cache together.


Because there are some serious infrastructure questions to be overcome (primarily network connectivity), I am thinking that my fist webcam cache will just be a webcam pointed out of one of my houses front windows. If I get fancy, I will implement a wireless connection that webcam cache visitors can use to get a photo of themselves (rather than phoning a friend to capture a picture--this will still be available).


But I can find no guidelines RE: the placing of webcam caches at geocaching.com. I will be the first to admit that travelling to my house and getting a webcam photo of you standing in my drive way, isn't the most exciting thing to do. But for many of the local geocachers, the experience should be a unique one (i.e. their first webcam geocache).


Does anyone have experience with getting a webcam geocache up and running? Does anyone have any suggestions? And for those that have done this, what would you do differently?




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You might do better to find a webcam that is already set up by someone else. There are several cameras here in New Orleans that were set up for viewing Mardi Gras parades. Anyone can go to their website, and view a log of the past three days worth of images. The finder makes a note of the time they were at the cache, and then when they log the cache, they search for images taken during the time they were visible, and post to the cache page.


Is it that the region wherein you reside has no publicly accessible cams, or simply no webcam caches?

The only other thing might be the wireless connection. You won't get many visits to the cache if it requires special equipment to log it. The phone a friend thing has had a lot of success on this popular webcam cache...New Orleans Bon Chance (Good Luck) Cache-Cam


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