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I saw the Travel Channel's Ten Best ... last night. They did the one about the ten best treasures. Geocaching was #7. They said there were caches hidden in over 80 countries. That segment must have been filmed quite a while ago because now there are over 180 countries. It was fun to see the program though. Hats off to Jeremy. I feel like I am in the presense of those in the likes of Kevin Bacon now. icon_smile.gif


I have the show stored on my Tivo box.


Thanks to Jeremy for a wonderful website that makes all this possible. Good Job!


Kirk out.

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I just saw it myself ... last month, for the first time on a hotel TV in Shanghai ... Dubbed in Chinese! Have no clue what was said ... but I recognized the face!



Co-founder of the "NC/VA GEO-HOG ASSOCIATION"

... when you absolutely have to find it first!

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