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  1. That is a good idea.... We will consider doing just that P&B
  2. We do not know what we will find but a few of our hides are rather remote and these are basically intact..... P&B
  3. As a amateur radio operator or HAM, we can work all counties via radio! That being said there must be alternative ways to log counties and many other map sources. Now HAM radio operators do this from their easy chair so no travel involved but for geocaching, it's another story. A shameless plug for HAM radio ! P&B
  4. We will be going to check our logs to see if this cacher did find them. Not that it makes any difference and he or she is missing out on the real fun of geocaching! P&B
  5. No explanation given other than a smiley face, sometimes claimed to find back in time like 2005...... UPDATE! Yesterday he was at 80 finds and today he is up to 125 including 15 of ours.
  6. We've just released a few that we came across.... and one new one we set free! P&B
  7. Thank you for the answer we have looked for a while now! We were told not to have hides in Tennessee as we did not live there, so we removed them. Even though we visited butterfly's mom many times..... We live in Michigan. We have looked at quite a few geocaches hidden in states or countries by caches who live no where near. Now the International Space Station is an exception! Some of our more distant geocaches have been looked after by friends in the area, many thanks to these cachers! Then there is this fellow who lives in the Netherlands but has a hidden cache in Africa..... P&B
  8. We do not know this person or persons.... And looking at their account they have been a member since 2013 and claiming finds back to 2005. Also they are claiming finds of other than out hides in the local area and some of those have been archived a long time. Now this could be a cacher who is re-logging finds under a new handle or nick. But to be sure we'll have to look at my old logs from the defunct hides and that is if we can find them! Geocaching is meant to be fun and if this is someone's idea of fun well so be it! P&B
  9. Today I have received many email notices of a geocacher claiming to find many of our hidden geocaches. Many of these hides have been archived for as much as ten years. We feel this is 'pushing' the limits of claiming a find and they may very well be just 'padding' their find count. This has happened before and we just ignored it as the claimed finds only went back about a year, this fellow cacher has claims going back to 2005.... at bit of time has passed! We do not remember doing any caches in 2005 ourselves! This cacher has claimed so far 16 finds of our hides and who knows how any others he or she has made claims on in our local area. Not that this is a big deal but the integrity 'balloon' is just about to pop! P&B
  10. Butterfly and I (poikaa) have been in the game since 2002. We were told not to have hides away from home where it is tough to maintain them.... Now we find that some cachers live in Europe but have caches in Africa?? What is this a double standard or?? We have seen this quite a few times and wonder about what we were told. Please let us know. P&B
  11. We have been exploring Google streets and the scenery is good enough to make a cache out of some of the spots the Google camera has spotted. Anybody game for making a geocache? Sort of? And what are the ramifications of this? poikää es butterfly
  12. Our monikers have several meanings... butterfly is her handle and just because she likes them and collects anything butterfly from a cache... mine is a Finnish word for boy and refers to the way I look at caching and life in general..... The "es" refers to poikää's HAM radio hobby but nobody has caught on! poikää es butterfly
  13. We received an email today from a cacher and it lead us to this thread about the book "Cache of Corpses" To say the least we are completely flabbergasted! Who knows what adventures geocaching can lead to! We never thought a novel would be any part of it and a cache of ours to boot! We can say this much... we will certainly keep our caches up to date as much as we can especially this one with it's new notoriety! We can also thank TwoCrow.... Thanks TwoCrow! GCGE8G is the cache and it is a micro as there is not a place for a full size. We placed this cache back in 2003 and it's just about 100 miles from our home. 101 logged visits on the page and 91 finds. I will have to read the book as they say! poikää es butterfly
  14. We might as well add our two cents worth....... I (poikää) have been HAMMING for 18 years now and got my start in CB radio about 1982, before that I was and still am, a shortwave listener. It was HAM radio that got the two of us (poikää es butterfly) into geocaching in 2002. Since it is so much like a FOX hunt and butterfly enjoys the outdoors, we jumped in with both feet. We use FRS rigs for comms when we geocache if we get separated. Mobile to mobile CB use might work for geocaching in a group event. Maybe a cache could be worked out too! HAMs are trying to get a coordinated cache radio system to work now and some seem to have done so. FRS rigs have been used to some degree with a geocache, not sure if it is still up es running.... My point is that combining geocaching and radio hobbies might be fun. but just using HAM, CB and other part 95 rigs is fun in itself. Now how about combining CW and geocaching? Aready been done at least once! Cell phones and geocaching? coordinating a cache find like in a WEB CAM cache.... The ideas are endless or allmost! Chasing the elusive find in a hunt has been man's age old ideal. Since we ran after our supper with a spear... geocaching has continued this and made it fun to get out doors again and use skills to find the HIDE and or FOX and or DINNER ...... I think I lost the thread! Happy Caching! poikää es butterfly
  15. Because of the high mortality rate associated with virts. People were dying of boredom. We had a regular cache at our "World's Biggest Calumet" GCB5F6, replacing it twice but the neighborhood kids would pilfer it! So we had to make it into a virtual and it still does well! Because of the nature of the location and the topic of the site we felt it was important to keep in the geocaching realm! We prefere actual caches but sometimes the physical container does not work as in our "Paul Bunyan's Slingshot" GCKAZF. It is at a crossroads and is a site where a physical container would not work out as the site is so public and hiding areas are sparse. Happy Caching! P&B
  16. Does anyone know what happened to " lostoutdoors.com " or maybe who the admins are and their whereabouts? There was a neat feature called "mapmaker" and it fitted in with geocaching in a neat way. If the feature could be adopted we would like to do that.... Happy Geocaching! poikää es butterfly
  17. Not unexpected but not unwelcome by some! Nothing against non-CW people. As for me, morse code is fun, challenging and I'll always use it! QRP operation is mostly done with CW and some rigs, kit form and otherwise, use CW only. I purchased a Steve Weber KD1JV kit (ATSIII) last spring, built it (mostly surface mount parts) and have a blast working stations in CW... BTW it is a DDS kit and the main way to operate the rig is use a paddle or a straight key. it has some manual buttons but you control the rig with morse code! NEAT! Here is a link.... http://www.qsl.net/kd1jv/ I've been HAMMING for about 15 years and needed to learn CW at 13 WPM, it was difficult but I made it! I was studying for my advanced and extra ticket, worked at 20+ WPM.... almost there! then the rug was pulled from under me... CW is an art form and the only digital mode that can be used by the human mind! I also use digital modes and phone. My two cents... Rod KB8DNS poikää es butterfly
  18. Not sure if this counts as a TC but my better caching half and I found a regular cache about a year and a half ago. In the log we were reading, the past entrys, we came across this entry.... coordinates Lat and Long, bring flashlights and hiking boots, signed The Green Hornet... We copied them down and entered the coordinates on "lostoutdoors.com" and found them to be near a cache at a waterfalls we had not found yet..... Talk about an adventure! The search brought us to a cave in a large boulder and then some! We were the first and only finders so far! We have been watching this area for some time.
  19. Has anyone thought of using APRS for a cache hide? APRS=Automatic position Reporting System Of course this is a HAM radio thing but you do not need a license to recieve signals... I think you could adapt it somewhat
  20. We like the loo that was found, maybe it is something like a restroom is provided! Antway crime is trash so CITO works for that too! poikää es butterfly
  21. As everyone stated... you need a license for any HAM band to transmit... but! you can listen without one! Not to get too far off topic, we got into geocaching because KG8YT encouraged us to try geocaching as it is very much like FOX HUNTING ( Radio directional finding sport) When it is our turn to hide the FOX my XYL, who is not a HAM, hides the FOX like a geocache! Gives me a chance to hunt the FOX! We have ben trying to come up with ideas to combine the two sports where everyone can hunt... you do not need a license to hunt a FOX! poikää es butterfly
  22. Butterfly and I have several caches that have "missing" TBs in them. We have repeatedly emailed bothe the owners of the TB and the most likely cachers who taken it. Several visiters have come to find the " no longer there bug" and make us feel bad about the visit, not what we want..... Here is what we sent to the owner of one such TB and it was picked up by one who is not active in caching........ "Hi Russ and Erin. We need you to remove your TB from our Harbor Park cache page as the TB was picked up and the cacher did not log it out properly. We have tried to email this person but we never get a reply and it seems this person had only a brief interest in Geocaching and is maily inactive. Time and again cachers have looked and were dissapointed in not finding the TB.... Sorry about the loss but we are stuck with it's "ghost" till you "exorcise" it...... Thanks in advance........ poikaa es butterfly" A bit of humor might do the trick! poikaa es butterfly
  23. Well we finally bit the bullet and paid our dues! Now we can seek all those exclusive caches out there and view the recently "privatized" caches we have been to! It actually feels good too! Butterfly and I are looking forward to a great season in 2004.... Winter snowbounds us up here in Da UP!
  24. We know where there are fourty gallon pickle barrels for sale.... Black plastic with screw on lid... $12.50 each (pic to follow)
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