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icon for microcaches?


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I did a forum search for micro and icon and didn't come up with anything directly relevant...


I would like to see a microcache icon. Why don't microcaches have an icon like virtuals, multis, etc? I would like to know that when constructing a list before viewing the individual cache pages. Our 4-yo doesn't care about 35-mm film canisters, as there are no ... goodies. (However, McToys we can do without.)

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In couple or three months the whole website will probably have been completely overhauled. There will probably be a lot of new features. What they are, only a few people know at the moment and they aren't talking. We keep getting little hints of this or that being added or improved, but a list is not something we have yet.


You could become a member and the PQs, along with Watcher, will do what you want.





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