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Found GPSr in eastern Sierras

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This was posted to a birding list I belong to.

I thought that perhaps, other than me, there might be others who bird while they cache hunt and this might help someone.


Message: 2

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:52:07 -0800

From: Steve Sosensky

Subject: GPS found in eastern Sierras


Hi Calbirders,


I received the following message about a found GPS receiver. Do not respond

to me, or to the list. Contact Lance directly at



=============== forwarded message ==================

Hi Steve,


As Calbirds co-owner, I'm emailing you to ask if you would be willing to

post a message to Calbirds on my behalf. I'm taking this circuitous

approach because my only email is at work and our policy here at JPL is

that we aren't supposed to join listservs that aren't work-related.

Here's the deal:


On March 10 I found a GPS receiver at a well-known birding location in

the eastern Sierras. The receiver contains numerous birding locations

in California and elsewhere along the west coast in its database,

suggesting that the receiver was lost by a birder from California. The

receiver still works but the batteries that were in it are dead. I

would like to return the receiver to its rightful owner and I thought

that Calbirds might help locate that person. I request that the owner

contact me privately at mailto:lance@reason.jpl.nasa.gov (i.e. not on Calbirds

since I don't subscribe) with the make, model, serial number, and

location where the receiver was lost in order to verify ownership.


Best wishes,

Lance Benner


Good birding,

Steve for general use

for rare birds and emergencies only


Steve Sosensky, photographer www.sosensky.com

10834 Blix Street #213 818-508-4946

Toluca Lake, CA 91602 34*09'02" N, 118*22'47" W

Audubon in So. California www.SoCalAudubon.org/socal/

San Fernando Valley AS www.SanFernandoValleyAudubon.org/sfvas/

AIM ID: SteveS310 Yahoo Messenger ID: SteveSosensky

SoCal FRS: use channel 11 code 22




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Originally posted by DisQuoi:

Is this the FAMOUS Lance


Doubt it. That Lance referenced Missoula, MT as his home territory and JPL is in the San Diego, CA area. For what it's worth, that Lance doesn't appear to be Lance Armstrong (Austin, TX, Santa Barbara, CA, Paris, FR) or Lance Henrikson (Hollywood, CA)., either.





N35°32.981 W98°34.631


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