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Benchmarks on Illinios Quarter

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I noticed that the Illinios State Quarter has an image of the Sears Tower and the TV antennas on its top. These each would be benchmarks ME2805, and ME3255.

Are their other benchmarks on State Quarters? I am guessing yes.

Also, considering these type of landmark/benchmarks, how close do you have to get to them to count them as a find. I observed the towers onboard the Sears towers on several occasions as I passed through to Milwaukee. It just seemed cheating to count them. I think looking it up as a possibility after observing isn't right, but what about knowing its existance and observing at a later date. Again how close do you have to be?



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i've wondered this. I can actually see about six benchmarks (towers) from my living room couch. I've resisted the urge to log them as finds, even though the idea of logging finds from my couch really appeals to me.


What's the max allowed distance, in your opinion?



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Benchmarks are pretty much your own personal game. You can log them any way you want. I always take a picture of the benchmark and another picture of the environment or an interesting object or view nearby. If you can see a water tower from your house and it is an interesting picture then claim it.


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Note: Crossposted with Benchmark Hunting Forum where this probably belongs.


How about this. A stationary observation (no drive by, Although traffic in Chicago at some times is stationary) Record your coordinates from GPS and azimuth reading toward your objective. Would this not quantify you were looking at what you think you were looking at. Two such recording from different locations would lend to good triangulation verification.


Also, on State Quarters Question

Wild T2 mentioned KV4410 Statue of Liberty

After some research I'll Add

HV6393 Maryland State House Dome.

OB0413 Maine Pemaquid Point Light House.

This one is a stretch, Vermont Camel's Hump Mountain (Actually a bolt with a bronze disk Station Mark on the mountain and its Reference Markers STAMPED CAMELS HUMP NO 1 1943 & STAMPED CAMELS HUMP NO 1 1943.

I also suspected Pell Bridge, Rhode Island and The Getway Arch, Missouri but couldn't find reference to them.

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