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Listing of caches with most found-it logs?


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Where can I find a list of the geocaches with the most logs, especially found-it logs?


It's easy enough to find lists that rank players by the number of finds, but what about a ranking for caches with the most logs? Seems only fair that this game give some credit to the people that make it possible: the cache owners. I have no idea how many logs have been submitted for the oldest, or most popular, caches at this point. Does anyone? If so, where can we all see a listing like that?


For example, my first locationless cache now has 294 logs from players who have completed the requirements. My oldest traditional cache, placed at a degree confluence point, now has 57 logs. I haven't counted the logs on all 71 of my geocaches lately. Does anyone else keep track of the number of logs their caches have generated?


At some point I'd like to know how the number of logs for my caches compares with other players' geocaches. I'd like to see a listing of the top 10 (or 100?) geocaches based on the number of logs they generated.


Now let's hear what you think!


Anton - N2RUD

Syracuse, NY


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