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Spending less time on geocaching.com

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Ever since I've had all the .gpx files available using the pocket querries and all the .gpx software that is available now I've been spending less and less time on the actuall web site. I used to spend hours going through cache listing and finding the next closest caches in our areas and I just don't need to any longer.


I still spend a lot of time on the forum but not on www.geocaching.com proper.


Now if you could just find a way to automatically log my finds through some palm software... just sync and boom.. Everything logged.




Wanna go for a ride?

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Hehe, between Watcher and the Palm apps, I only come to GCc to log caches and to look at the events (to see where I ought to go next) and other places where I might need to make a special trip. Well, okay, I also go to GCc when I'm away from my PQs, but that doesn't count.


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Do you feel guilty about it? I know I'm lessening the server load by spending less and less time on the site... that's a good thing. But somehow I feels strange that going to the actual web site is becoming less necessary as more time goes on.


Now when personal maps return, I may find my self returning.. but I can do all that off line also.




Wanna go for a ride?

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