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I seem to have problems with using the Paypal subscription. I recently changed my credit card account with Paypal. Instantly I got a cancellation on the Geocaching account. It states I cancelled it and Geocaching within an hour cancelled my chartered status. Now I understand with changing the credit card may have cancelled it, but what I don't understand is I just paid on 6-7 for this month membership, thusfore it shouldn't have been cancelled till 7-7. Now I will have to pay another $3 to sign back up. Is this the way it is suppose to work?



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That's the way the Paypal system seems to work. If you cancel the payment for whatever reason it stops off your charter membership straight away. A similar thing happened to me when I wanted to change from a monthly payment to the annual one.


Within a couple of minutes my membership was terminated even though I had at least a week remaining of the month. Groundspeak said it was a paypal problem and I should take it up with them. I didn't bother.

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