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GC has partnered with a company called PlayTime to provide a corporate team building program called GeoTeaming. I am considering contracting PlayTime to provide a team building event for my team and I wanted to know if anyone has had any direct experience with PlayTime and/or GeoTeaming, good or bad, that they would be willing to share. If you do and you do not want to post publicly, please email me privately. Thanks in advance.

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I have not had any experience with this company, but my opinion is that this program isn't for geocaching teams. It's for companies to bring in employees to help them work as a team. Lost of companies do stuff like this where they just abandon them together with a guide in the middle of nowhere.


Like I said, I'm not sure, but this says "corporate team building program" which means it would be companies and stuff. Unless YOU were talking about bringing in a company. But this doesn't seem to be anything for geocachers....



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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Maybe I should have been more explicit. The team I am referring to is my employees. We ARE looking at this from a corporate team building perspective. The quoted costs are not insignificant so I agree with you that this would not be appropriate for a team of experienced geocachers.

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I worked with Playtime when they were in MD doing a geo-teaming event for a government contractor. They use local geocachers as Geotechs. We were there to provide technical support to the team members for the GPS units, digital cameras and palmpilots. There were 6 people on each team plus the geotech. There were temporary caches set up with a time limit. The teams were competing against each other, but also had to work with one another. Each cache was worth a certain number of points and the team with the most points won a prize. If enough of the caches were found (there were more caches than teams) the whole group got a bonus. At the beginning, quite a few of the people seemed hesitant. It was raining and very few people, other than the geotechs, were prepared to be outside. Playtime did run out and buy disposable ponchos for everybody. At the end everybody had a good time despite the weather and several people were interested in trying Geocaching for real.


Feel free to email me if you want any more info.


Vice President, Maryland Geocaching Society

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Hi Gorak,


Thanks for your interest in GeoTeaming. It's great to see that other Geocachers who we use for GeoTech's replied back. We use local Geocachers to walk with every team to ensure their technology is working, they are finding caches and most importantly, that they stay safe.


The MD course was at Bolger Center and had the weather turn on us, yet we were able to get the teams and more important turn it into a great experience. The event was designed to use FIRO-B (a personality test) results and bring them to life during the team building event.


We have completed over 150 events with over 2,000 participants with the majority of them being new to Geocaching. We also completed AMD's 64 Hr High-Tech Treasure Hunt in Las Vegas which was a real geocaching contest where the winner (who found all 15 caches) won an AMD computer and GPS.


I have other referrals at Microsoft, Booz Allen, Wired Magazine, Prudential and other clients if you'd like to talk with them. In addition, we have emergency procedures and insurance for every event. Feel free to call direct at (877) 652-0875, hope to hear from you soon!



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We went ahead with our GeoTeaming event last month and it was a huge success. My employees all had a great time and a couple of them are interested in taking up Geocaching because of it. A big thanks to Jo and Simon for putting on a very successful event. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a unique corporate team build event.

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