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Being here in California he didn't hurt me at all; in fact he gave me something interesting to read and write about.


But if I lived near him, like the above post, I'd be a little pissed. Each area has its own community of geocachers, and he failed his own. Also if he had logged a cache of my own I'd be even more upset. I assume someone logging the caches I have hidden is being honest about it. That's what makes stories of caching interesting. He only has the same story for each one, "I was sitting here, using Photoshop when..."

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Originally posted by Planet:

and there in the replies is one from KyTrex and it has a picutre alongside and LO AND BEHOLD!!! there is the same hand in the photo. Is he real or is he Photo Shop? icon_confused.gif


Yes, at least my photo was a joke. I haven't posted to this thread before because all that can be said has been said. The photo was my own little 'statement' against cheating. I enjoy doing the locationless caches. Some have been easy, some I've had to do alot of research and travel to find. I don't want anyone to wonder about my logs because of what some other cacher has done. I know it's a game, but the numbers are my own personal reward for getting off my butt and getting out there! Not to mention all the weight I've lost and all the spectacular(and not so spectacular) places I've seen. Sorry for the rant(I tried to keep it short). I play the game honestly and don't see why it's so difficult for certain others to do the same.


BTW, I loved the virtual Titanic photo icon_biggrin.gif


Thanks for listening(reading),




A "Buckeye" is just a "Hillbilly" that ran out of money on the way to Michigan jpshakehead.gif

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