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Would this cache be increibly cool, stupid or what?

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I was considering creating this cache, but have been alternately enthused or pesimistic about it to the point I can't decide what to do. (it primarily depended on my mood prior to thinking about it, which didn't help)


Concept: a coupon cache. We're not talking Huggies or Bisquik coupons but GOOD ones. Minimum requirements would be either to be of at least $3-5 in value (havent quite decided on the minimum) with a preference towards stores & restaurants. I mean a 15% off coupon at Staples could save me easy $10-20. But what if I have no need to go to Staples? I'm sure we've all received really good coupon that was of no use to us. A big thing I was thinking about would be that would be a great place to drop off all those coupons from the Entertainment book that we won't use...


I was thinking of possibly keeping a log in the description of the current coupons in it, as a way to entice people to revisit. Any secondary visits though would only be able to be counted as notes, not logs. If people cooperate and tell me the expiration date I can even keep it totally up to date.


Possible problems:


* expiration dates

* you technically not supposed to trade Enterainment Coupons, or say so their book in the fine print. Like I care. But some people might)

* Could this be considered a commercial cache? I don't think so, but then again, that's why I'm asking in this forum.


I dunno... is this just a goofy-*** concept or does it have merit? I would make sure it's in a park central to my area that would be a 1/1 or 1/1.5 difficulty....


Tell me what ya think folks... If responses are favorable (especially from the local cachers, you know who you are) then I mgiht jsut follow thru with this...



Caching with a 5 year old: takes 2x as long, it's 2x as satisifying


The faster you go, the worse your reception is.

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