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Logging your own virtual cache?

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What do you folks think? I created a virutal cache which involves posting pictures and coordinates for Game Stores.(I'm the editor of a games magazine and some of our recent coverage of geocaching has brought a LOT of new cachers into the sport).


Is it appropriate to post/log my own cache? There are several local gamestores I'd like to log but I'm wasn't sure if it's considered tacky to log your own virtual cache.


I'm a gamer so I want to play by the rules. icon_wink.gif


Jolly R. Blackburn


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Thanks for the quick reply.




Fair enough. But MANY of the locationless caches approved are commerical in nature (The Drive In Theatre, Diner Club and Promotional Bugs locationless caches come to mind. All of them feature posting the cooridnates for places of business and are actually what inspired Game Store Cache). I did the Game Store cache because when traveling most gamers seek out local gameshops because they are like the "Y". They are places where you can sit down an play games, grab a soda and hang out with other gaming enthusiasts.


But I respect your decision to archive it. I was just curious why it's okay for Drive Inn Theaters, computer stores or restaurants.


Jolly R. Blackburn



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I haven't searched for the caches you've cited, but as a general statement -


We've got caches now that wouldn't have been posted six months or a year ago and conversely we don't post caches that would have been earlier. The game (or sport?) has evolved over time and will continue to do so.


It's in these forums that changes are generally presented for comment (like that on locationless caches I referenced) and everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion. Jeremy has always been great about making changes to suit the majority.

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